The Principal objects for which the society is established are :-

  • To carry out research into matters concerning education and Psychological techniques and methods conductive to the improvement of productivity and quality of the education.
  • Conduct Certification, Diploma, Graduate and Post-Graduate programs and award such degrees, diplomas, certificates or may be instituted by the society.
  • Assist Government, Public and Private Sectors and other organizations to raise the standards of education (through Consultancy and other services) Fix and collect such fees and other charges or may be laid down in the regulations made under the rules of society on Non-Profit basis.
  • To analyze and propose solution of specific problems encountered in the area of education of teachers and students.
  • To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate research through its own or other agencies including Universities, School and Training Centre established by or with the aid of the Government of India as the Organization or training and Study courses, conferences, seminar and lectures.
  • To organize Educational tours, Cultural exchange programs in Foreign Countries and India to understand the foreign culture and foreign languages by exchange of teachers and scholars through joint programs of research, training and consultancy generally in such manner as may be conductive to the furtherance of objects of the society.
  • To create new employment opportunities through the skill-emphasis educational programs in such as Yoga, Meditation, Short-hand, Typing, Computer, Fine-Arts, Sculptor, Music, Painting, Modeling, Dance, Physical Education and Employment Education. Aware the parents for the right kind of parenting for the better upliftment of child through certain Psycho analytical, Psycho Somatically Process by resource persons.
  • To draw the attention of teachers, parents and school administration of Education Institutions for Student problems like Dyslexia, Autism, yscalculia and provide them the solution by experts.