We do serve people with


1. Organise Blood Donation Camps


2. Aware people about Mental Health by providing emotional support and counselling


3. Financial aid to students through educational scholarships


4. Free Career Guidance sessions for the students, Job Seekers, Working Professionals


5. Free Behavioural Counselling for those who has personality related conflicts


6. Inspire People to understand Social Responsibilty and serve the society


7. Free Legal Aid to those who are not able to access RIGHT TO JUSTICE due to financial reasons


8. Promote Women Empowerment with Foreign Langauges scholarship ( English, French, Spanish, German)


9. Deal with social problems (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Exam Phobia, Stress, Work Pressure...)


Dream Achievers Society is serving society with its VOLUNTEERS and members who SUPPORT us to work on the objects of the Society. If any person who has intention to become Volunteer with Dream Achievers Society can Join us without any official formality as We believe Social Work does not require any formal recognition.