BSc (Bio-Technology)

MSc (SOL,Preksha Meditation,Yoga)



Professional Experience: 12 Years



About him : Founder of Dream Achievers Society,Legal Mentor,Career Counsellor,Yoga & Meditation Expert,Educator,Multi-Linguistic Person possesses strong communication.

He is the Founder of the Dream Achievers Society. He has engineered and transformed his professional experience and associated with SOCIAL WORK to meet with the objects of the society. 


He has trained thousands of School Teachers,Working Professionals,Doctors,Lawyers,Businessmen,Students (School,College and University level) with his strong Psycholinguistics Communication ability,Foreign languages and psychological teaching skills.










About him : He is associated with Dream Achievers Society since the idea of establishing society was on rough paper. He supported and guided the concept of organised Social Work through formal registration of the society. He is social person and English Communication expert with extraordinary behavioral counselling ability. He believes that Social Work must be done at every stage of our life. He equally supports the thought of "Charity Begins From Home".  







Vice President




His Message : "My People,My SOCIETY, My World,My RESPONSIBILTY"


About Him : He is specialized in trading and financial accounting. He dreams to have a huge business empire which can give employment to atleast 500 people and help a little with the issue of unemployment in the country. He wants to see development everywhere and believes this to be a great motivation for himself. He says "Keep good thoughts in mind and keep working towards your dream and you will end up achieving it" 






Active Member


His Message: "We are meant to live for the Society" 


About Him : He is dedicated and devoted member of the society. He has sound knowledge of Information Technology and sense of Social responsibility, Therefore he is volunteering with the society to achieve the social goals of the society. He is always ready to help people with his PURE INTENTIONS for ALL. We are proud on his Social behaviour and Social Work.






Member & IT Expert


His Message: "I am only ONE but I am One"


About Him : Kapil is an Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and Technical person.Kapil believes that after Roti, Kapda, Makaan Information Technology is the thing which we need the most in our life, with this we can do friendship with the person sitting in other city, country or even in other continent. One can see and find every place and knowledge in few minutes through this, but still some of our brothers and sisters are far from this, People living in rural areas are not so aware about this. With Dream Achievers Society his vision is to aware people about technology and generate technical skills into them.







Woman Volunteer Incharge 


BCom, MCom




Her Message : "Serve People with Humanity, Kindness ans SELFLESSNESS".



About Her : She has 10 years of working experience in Finance and IT sector. She always has pleasant smile on her face as she believes "There should be NO REASON behind our happiness". She is brave mother of two healthy children. She has been survival of Bi-Polar (5 Times in 10 years) but with her dedication and family support she is fighting with this challange with courage. She is the source of inspiration for other women who are struggling with mental health issues due to lack of awareness and ignorance of the family members and society. She helps other victims by spending some time with them as a friend.She is the helping hand to her husband in every Social Work.





Er. Tejpal Singh Rathore


Executive Member  


B.Tech in Electronics



His Message: "Somewhere,Someone is waiting for HELP".



About Him: He possesses dynamic social personality and kind heart. With his in Electronics and experience in Automobile industry he has transformed his work profile into Mechatronics professional. He is doing innovative work with his establishment Bhagwati Automobiles in Ajmer region. He always engages himself with Social Work Activities with his Father who is retired from Indian Army and currently serving for Police departement.All the members of the Rathore Family are dedicated towards Social Work and helping the society in either ways.He donates blood regularly and leads blood donation camps which is conducted by Dream Achievers Society.He has supported various individuals and organisations financially.








Language Trainer



Her Message: "Overthinking doesn't allow you to help people,Hence JUST DO IT".



About Her: She is French language trainer having master degree in Arts. She is source of inspiration to victims of complex relationships as she is survivor of toxic marriage and successfully transforming her social and personal life.She is strong girl who believes in her DREAMS and working hard to achieve her GOALS. She is the most punctual and sincere volunteer of the society. She bears every social responsibility with sincerity and integrity.She is supporting us to promote objects of  the society among volunteers and people.






Vice President 


Chittaur Garh


His Message : "The happiest people are those who lose themselves in the service of others."



About him : He has degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also takes German language online classes with Language Twister.He is emotional person and keen to take active part in social activities of the society. He promotes vision and objects of the society in Chittaurgarh with his regional team. He has conducted first Blood donation Camp in ChittaurGarh at Sawaliya Hospital Blood Bank on behalf of the society with volunteers.His inspiration for social work is his respected father who is Senior Govt. Teacher. His father always indulges himself in social work activities secretly without any social recognition.His father's social work motivates him to become social person.He has volunteered many social activities and events with society President and Ajmer team members.











His Message : "Money is useful resource, Social work is best way to utilise it."



About him: He has excellent money making skills which is his greatest strength.He is associated with Dream Achievers Society for social cause.He intends to work for the society with his financial resources and kind heart.He is regular Blood donor and takes part in Blood donation camps.He gives financial aid to people who need it.He dreams to become more resourceful for the society through his comercial activities conducted by his establishment Sanskar Group.He has advised President to accept donations through digital payments and taken responsibilty to arrange funds for the society with more donations through digital modes i.e. Google Pay so that the objects of the society could be achieved without any financial obstacles.






Executive Member


MA in Geography

DELF B1 (Diploma In French)