Mr. Jagdish Balani is associated with G-RACE since 2010. He is one of the Directors of G-RACE having 20 years of Professional Experience in the field of Education and Behavioral Counseling.
He has taught in various Education institution in Ajmer. He is also the senior faculty of G-RACE. He is critical and social thinker having the extraordinary ability to solve the personal and professional problems of the students as well as professionals with Behavioral Counseling. He has constituted Behavioral Counseling with his teaching.


Gagandeep Anand has 10 years of Professional Experience in the field of Education. He is the member of Bar Council of Rajasthan. He has done his graduation with Biotechnology. He has taught in various school and colleges in Jaipur and Ajmer. He has also taken seminars and career counseling session in various education institutions. He has taken summer classes of French, Spanish and German in Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Bhaskar etc.He is multilingual person with the extreme ability to teach foreign languages. He is self motivated person, he has done LLB & BJMC and he also pursuing M.A. in Psycology and M.Sc. in Yoga. He is the expert in French, Spanish, German languages. He knows 11 International languages. He has also taken part in many Job and Educational Fairs conducted by Organizations like Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika and Bhagwant University.


Amar is a BCOM and MBA, specialized in trading and financial accounting. He dreams to have a huge business empire which can give employment to atleast 500 people and help a little with the issue of unemployment in the country. He likes playing and watching cricket, running exercise and yoga. He wants to see development everywhere and believes this to be a great motivation for himself. He says "Keep good thoughts in mind and keep working towards your dream and you will end up achieving it" 


Kapil is an Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and a Techie he is currently learning french. He loves computers books and internet. He is also volunteering for Art of living foundation Kapil believes that after Roti, Kapda, Makaan IT is the thing which we need the most in our life, with this we can do friendship with the person sitting in other city, country or even in other continent. Can see and find every place and knowledge in few minutes through this, but still some of our brothers and sisters are far from this, People living in rural areas are not so aware about this. With Dream Achievers Society his vision is to aware people about technology and generate technical skills into them.


Bhavishya, Age 17, Student, amateur artist, photographer, designer, editor, writer ( amateur ), learner and enthusiast.
She is currently persuing global business management, She dreams about travelling the world visiting new places and meet new people and try many other, different things. She has a dream of learning atleast 6 foreign languages.  She has been volunteering for events like TedxBhilwara and works with local newspaper in the city .   She believes that moving forward is one way to achieve a dream, just keep trying, keep learning and keep believing in yourself no matter how hard or impossible it seems


Rajendra Dreams about travelling and wants to try all kinds of water sports, He studied B.com., M.com. (Business Administration) and french. He currently teaches french. He is specialized in Teaching, Administrative and Managerial Skills, Creativity and Innovation. He loves basketball, travelling- exploring exotic places, water and air sports, hiking. His inspiration is his parents and his mentors. Being a part of Dream Achievers Society He believes, "If you dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people to get what they want..."